Membership of FOA for au pairs

Join FOA, one of Denmark’s largest workers unions, for 25 Danish kroner a month.

The au pair scheme is officially a cultural exchange programme but over the last years it is FOA’s experience that some families consider the au pair scheme as a way of getting cheap labour and sometimes forget to respect the regulations in the au pair scheme.

Most often we encounter that au pairs have problems with:
    • Working hours and lack of extra payment
    • Illegal work tasks
    • Holiday and/or holiday payment
    • Evictions from host families
    • Payment of e.g. plane ticket.

What does FOA offer Au Pairs?
A membership of FOA cost 25 Danish kroner a month. For this amount you receive:
    • A magazine (8 times per year)
    • Free counseling
    • Help at your local FOA branch
    • Life insurance at PenSam 
    • Invitations to social events
    • Network with other au pairs
    • Invitations to skills training events.
    • The monthly newsletter FOA Au Pair Speaks

Join as a member by calling 8020 2030. Calling is free of charge. If you are experiencing problems in relation to your stay as an au pair in Denmark we also have a hotline: +45 46973880. See also FOA Au pair Group at Facebook.

Download the folder "FOA and au pair - how FOA can help and support you as an au pair in Denmark". Here you can read more about what FOA has to offer and also the history of FOA.

Au Pair network
FOA and KIT (Church Integration Ministry) have in cooperation launched a website that offers information services, network opportunities, counseling, emergency service in crises and nonprofit mediation.
Visit for more information