Technical, maintenance and miscellaneous Service Sector

This sector consists primarily of the following professional and vocational groups:

  • Bus drivers for county-run or county-supervised bus services in certain counties
  • City school attendants, custodians/janitors
  • County attendants, custodians/caretakers/janitors at homes for the elderly
  • County school attendants, assistant attendants, deputy attendants
  • County roadmenders, bridge personnel, bridgemasters, machine operators, stream/creek caretakers
  • Ferry personnel, harbour attendants, shipmasters
  • Fire service staff
  • Inspectors at Copenhagen County athletic facilities
  • Messengers at town and city halls, county seats, hospitals and larger public institutions
  • Supervisory and management staff at county-owned facilities
  • Various skilled and unskilled wage earners, such as skilled craftsmen and tradesmen at publicly run institutions, especially in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Counties, meter readers, parking attendants
  • Various technical service and workers and supervisors at publicly owned bathing and athletic facilities, nursing home custodians/janitors, town and city hall and library attendants, library bus drivers