Why become a member of FOA

There are many good reasons for becoming a member, both during and after your training. And of course, the more of us there are in FOA, the greater are the opportunities for improving conditions for everyone.

Here is why you should become a member of FOA:

  • Only FOA can negotiate your salary and ensure that your training and working conditions are developed and improved.

  • FOA helps you to receive a good training and trainee period, so you avoid unfair work demands, unsatisfactory trainee supervision or uncertainty over rules.

  • FOA ensures you have proper working conditions and everyday security. So you always have professional backing that you can trust and go to for support.

  • FOA provides a professional network where you can meet others and share your specialist knowledge, questions and experience. In some branches there are also local trainee clubs.

  • FOA is the third largest trade union in Denmark, organizing approximately 173,000 members primarily in the public sectors. But we also organize privatized employees in the public sector.

Our members are engaged in a variety of public sector services, from fire, public transport and childcare, to nursing and caring services for the elderly, including food preparation and cleaning work.

Our members work country-wide for local authorities, counties and the state.

FOA consists of a large number of regional branches in addition to the head office in Copenhagen.

FOA is divided into four sectors:

Social and Health Services Sector

Childcare/Childcare Education Services Sector

Catering and Cleaning Services Sector

Technical and Maintenance Services Sector