Membership of FOA for au pairs

Join FOA, one of Denmark’s largest workers unions.

The au pair scheme is officially a cultural exchange programme but over the last years it is FOAs experience that some families consider the au pair scheme as a way of getting cheap labour and sometimes forget to respect the regulations in the au pair scheme.

Most often we encounter that au pairs have problems with:
    • Working hours and lack of payment
    • Illegal work tasks
    • Holiday and/or holiday payment
    • Evictions from host families
    • Payment of e.g. plane ticket.

What does FOA offer Au Pairs?
A membership of FOA is free. You get:
    • A magazine (6 times per year)
    • Free counselling
    • Membership of FOA Au pair Klub
    • Invitations to social events
    • Network with other au pairs
    • Invitations to skills training events.

Join as a member by filling out the online form or by calling 80 20 20 30. Calling is free of charge.  See also FOA Au pair Klub at Facebook.